Welcome to Werifesteria!

Where we begin...

For many years, the humans of Kah'ren have waged a war against the many clans of canna that share their town. No matter how they try to push them out of the city, the resilient street dogs prevail and continue to grow in number. The town decides that something must be done once and for all to rid themselves of this problem. Humans band together to track down stray dog packs and capture as many as they can. For many days, they persist, and many dogs are caught and thrown into the local shelter to await their fate.

Then, something inexplicable happens. A great earthquake rocks the town. The shelter begins to crumble and split apart. Many dogs escape and run for safety. When the dust settles, they realize that their world has changed. The entire town is quiet and empty. Humans are gone. Their clans are gone. Even the town itself is different. Only slices of the town remain as it was before. The rest is overgrown with vast wilderness, completely cutting them off from any remnant of "civilization."

The canna were blessed with a new world free of humanity, but it came at a great expense. They were permanently separated from their clans, families, and caretakers. Many depended on humans to provide them with scraps of food to feed their families. They must now learn how to conquer this new land on their own.

Year One...

The great earthquake, Rozo'ama Akoda, shook not only the mountains - It shook apart entire clans. Many clans became extinct that day, while others rose from the rubble with new names and leaders. One of the oldest clans in Kah'ren, the Whyo's, lost its chief in the earthquake, but a new dog stepped up to take his place. Navira'e Hu'grair claimed the Why'o clan as her own. Realizing that her clan's numbers had been sliced to a fraction by the severance, she offered sanctuary to any canna left without a clan...provided that they become loyal Why'os.

Meanwhile, the Ah'mir clan also lost and gained a new chief. Greyo'miera took ownership of the clan and promised that he would have it rise to greatness. Many of the newly clanless dogs followed him as he moved his clan into the new forest that had suddenly appeared on the other side of the river.